Fire hazards are excluded with our wet-operating extractor system.

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Fire hazard is excluded with our wet-operating extraction installation
Extracting grinding dust without loss of pressure
Extracting grinding dust with a wet filter system
Constant suction power; no loss of suction power
Fire hazard is excluded by a wet filter
Wear resistant and remains stainless
Prevents explosion hazard with aluminium
Very suitable for sparking and sticky substances
No grinding dust in the air and/or work area
Automatic filling with water by float system
Easy to use
Bottom containers removable for easy cleaning
Standard equipped with silencer
Never any blocked filters
Never re-order any filters
Starting signal from external machine or manual start
Maintenance friendly
Available in 3 - 7,5 - 15 kW
CE Approved

The extraction system WES, fully made from stainless steel, of Q-fin is a wet-operating system whereby grinding dust from stainless steel, steel, aluminium and magnesium can be extracted. This is done in a safe manner so that dust from aluminium and magnesium does not cause a fire or explosion hazard.

The extracted dust is pulled through the whirling water with great force, whereby the dust is encapsulated in water and is separated from the supplied air. The dust is absorbed by the water and sinks to the bottom of the wet filter, where it ends up in containers. These containers with sediment are easy to clean. The dust remains under water, preventing the formation of explosive gasses.

The WES is also extremely suitable for materials that spark when processed and sticky materials. Oiled sheet components for example, can cause major problems for systems with dry filters, because of the sparks during the process. Because of the oil, the filters close and one spark can be enough to cause a fire. All fire hazards that occur with dry systems are prevented by an extractor system with a wet filter.



The WES3000 is a 3 kW extraction system with a wet filter, with a capacity of approx. 3000 m3/h. The extraction system is standard equipped with a mechanical floating valve controlling the water volume and levels. An electronically controlled system is optional for the WES3000. The 7.5kW and 15kW extraction systems are standard equipped with an electronic water filling and water level control system directed by sensors.


WES stands for ‘Wet Extraction System’ and is the easiest, safest and most sustainable way to extract grinding dust according to Q-fin. With the wet-operating dust extractor, fire and explosion hazards are prevented.

The WES is available as WES3000 and WES6000. In addition, there is also a WES12000 available (15 kW / approx. 12.000 m3/h). These wet extraction systems can be combined with virtually all our deburring machines, in many cases multiple deburring machines can even be connected to 1 WES extraction system. We can arrange the installation, including pipe work, if required.


The WES6000 is a 7.5 kW extraction system with a capacity of approx. 6000 m3/h. The extraction system is standard equipped with an electronic water filling and water level control system directed by sensors. By connecting 2 WES6000 systems, the WES1200 is created with a capacity of 12.000 m3/h.


• Available in two versions: 3 - 7.5 kW
• Capacity: 3000 or 6000 m3/h
• Fully manufactured in stainless steel
• Automatic filling and levelling
• Comes with 5 dust collectors
• Control by power switch or external machine
• Connection value WES6000: 400 V, 50 Hz, 25 A, 12 kW
• Measurements: 1435 x 875 x 2300 mm (L x W x H)

335 KG (WES3000) / 495 KG (WES6000)

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